HLHS – Videos

Information below is from Cincinnati Children’s, and we thank them for their videos in explaining what Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is – https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/h/hlhs

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) is one of the most complex cardiac defects seen in the newborn and remains probably the most challenging to manage of all congenital heart defects. It is one of a group of cardiac anomalies that can be grouped together under the description single ventricle defects.

The management of the newborn with hypoplastic left heart syndrome can be divided into the initial stabilization period and the operative / post-operative period.

The most commonly pursued treatment for hypoplastic left heart syndrome is “staged reconstruction” in which a series of operations, usually three, are performed to reconfigure the child’s cardiovascular system to be as efficient as possible despite the lack of an adequate left ventricle. These surgeries do not correct the lesion, and are instead considered “palliative.”



STAGE 3 – FONTAN PROCEDURE (Dáithí has been unable to receive this stage of the treatment due to a leaky tricuspid valve and is now on the transplant waiting list)